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Meet Owli SwimWarm, the swimsuit that makes swimming fun and safe for babies.

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Owli SwimWarm Swimsuits are made out of neoprene just like professional diving suits. Neoprene in baby and toddler swimsuits has a couple of benefits. Let's take a look at them.

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Owli SwimWarm is designed to keep babies warm in and out of the water. Babies tend to lose body heat faster compared to adults or even to children. That's why we designed Owli SwimWarm with nothing but neoprene fabric. Due to its composite structure, Neoprene forms a barrier between skin and fabric. This barrier allows body heat to remain within the swimsuit and slows down the penetration of cold water or air. 

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Once out of the water Owli SwimWarm will dry faster compared to regular swimsuits. It's designed specifically for babies and toddlers. That's why it's so easy to wear and take off Owli SwimWarm. We know each baby has unique physical features. We added velcro straps to make our swimsuits a little bit more adjustable.

The sun supports life, but its life-giving rays also pose dangers, especially to babies and toddlers. Owli SwimWarm's Neoprene fabric provides %100 UV protection. UV lights may reflect from sea or pool surfaces, this natural event may pose additional risk for babies and kids. It's recommended to apply sunscreen to arms and face. 

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Owli SwimWarm Swimsuits are easy to use and easy to care. All you have to do is rinse the swimsuit with cold water after any swimming activities and hang to dry.

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