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Discover the Owli 2.7 TOG Sleeping Bag: The Ultimate Sleepwear Solution for Toddlers During Chilly Winter Nights

Introducing the Owli Sleeping Bag 2.7 TOG, designed to provide warmth, comfort, and safety for your toddler on cold winter nights. Crafted from 100% OEKO-TEX certified cotton both inside and out, this premium sleeping bag offers a soft and cozy experience for your little one's delicate skin, ensuring the fabric is free from harmful substances.

Non-Slippery Feet for Active Toddlers

Featuring non-slippery feet, the Owli Sleeping Bag ensures that even the most energetic toddlers stay stable and secure. The adjustable foldable mittens and feet can be easily adapted to keep your child snug and warm.

Easy Clothing Changes and Potty Training with Full-Size Nickel-Free Zipper and Neck Protection

Equipped with a full-size, nickel-free zipper and added zipper protection for the neck area, this sleeping bag allows for effortless clothing changes and easy potty training access while preventing any scratching or discomfort.

Lab-Tested 2.7 TOG Rating for Optimal Warmth

The 2.7 TOG rating of the Owli Sleeping Bag is tested in accredited labs, ensuring that your child remains warm and comfortable even on snowy winter nights, with the confidence of a verified warmth rating.

Safe and Vibrant Colors with AZO-Free Dyes

The Owli Sleeping Bag 2.7 TOG features vibrant colors achieved using AZO-free dyes, ensuring that the fabric is safe and free from potentially harmful chemicals.

Adaptable Design for a Cozy Night's Sleep Indoors

The Owli Sleeping Bag 2.7 TOG is designed to ensure maximum comfort for your toddler during chilly winter nights, making it a crucial addition to their sleepwear collection. Invest in your child's comfort and peaceful sleep by choosing this high-quality sleeping bag, crafted with certified materials and tested performance to guarantee the utmost safety and warmth.

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