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Owli Cooltimate Sleeping Sack

The lightest, softest, and most refreshing sleep sack, Owli Cooltimate!

Owli shines as brightly as the summer sun with its vibrant colors and neon zipper.

Cooltimate fabric, with its texture featuring hundreds of tiny air channels, provides unlimited freshness for babies and children on hot summer days.

The 100% cotton Cooltimate fabric sleep sack, developed for Owli, enhances air circulation, keeping babies cool. Cooltimate is lightweight, soft, and non-sweating.

Fabric with Cooltimate technology, allowing air circulation and keeping it cool.

Weighing only 68 grams with 100% cotton fabric.*

Healthy and vibrant summer colors without azo dye substances.

Printed neck label and full-length zipper.

*(68 grams weight is valid for the smallest size; weight increases proportionally with the growth of sizes.)

Owli Cooltimate Sleeping Sack Orange

SKU: 8681725912568
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