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Owli PureCotton Newborn Set - 10 Piece


Owli PureCotton Newborn Set is a 10-piece set designed with everything your baby needs in mind, ideal for hospital discharge. It offers the highest comfort and protection to your baby's sensitive skin with its OEKO-TEX certified and 100% cotton fabric. Owli PureCotton Newborn Set is specially designed for new parents to find their baby's basic needs in a single package. Owli PureCotton Newborn Set, which brings together the essentials from the Newborn Shopping Lists, is an ideal newborn gift set for baby shower parties.


10 Piece Set Includes:

1 piece 80x80 cm Blanket

1 pcs Short Sleeve Snap Body

1 Long Sleeve Front Opening Pajama Top

1 piece Pajama bottoms with booties

1 Front and Bottom Opening Coverall

1 piece 30x20cm Mouth Wiping Cloth

1 pair of gloves

1 pair of socks

1 Newborn hat

1 Bib

Owli PureCotton Newborn Set - 10 Piece

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